This free ColdFusion developer hosting service was setup back in 1999 by me (Russ Michaels) as a resource for developers to learn and use CFML (aka ColdFusion)  without the hassle of having to setup a local development environment and with a live dev/staging URL that can be shared with peers and clients.

ColdFusion and CFML have had a good run and continued to grow over the years, with alternative CFML engines come and gone such as Bluedragon, Railo and Lucee, lots of new frameworks and applications and more conferences than you can shake a stick. 

But the number of developers still using CFML is now a tiny niche compared to other languages and as a result the cfmldeveloper user base has also dwindled down to almost nothing, with barely any new users signing up each year, so this site/service has sadly outlived its usefulness. 

It was great fun back in the early days of Allaire/Macromedia ColdFusion and I have fond memories of user group meetings, conferences and cfdev pub meetups in Camden town. But alas I  am also no longer a developer myself and have since moved on to other things. Plus age, life (4 kids) and health problems has taken its toll and spare time or energy is something I have very little of these days.

So after more than 20 years I have decided it is finally time to retire cfmldeveloper, so I bid you all farewell and hope that cfmldeveloper has been useful to you over the years.