Q: How do I login to the control panel

The control panel link is under the members menu

Q: How do I access the Lucee admin

You can only access the Web admin, not the server admin
By default you login to Lucee admin via WCP (Windows control panel). Refer to your welcome email

If you prefer to login to lucee admin directly then You will need to login via WCP first and reset the password, after which you will no longer be able to login via WCP, but will be able to login to the lucee admin directly @  http://yoursite.cfmldeveloper.com/lucee/admin.cfm

Q: How do I access my database

Please check your welcome email for server connection details. The Database server and the web server is the same machine.
You can use any desktop tool to connect to the server, just enter the server IP and your database username/password.
For MySQL you can use the MySQL WorkBench, or HeidiSQL for example.
For MySQL (MariaDB) you can also use PHPMyAdmin HERE.
For MSSQL you would use SQL Server Management Studio

Q: Can I use my own domain name

Sure, you just need to edit for host records and point it at the IP address mentioned in your welcome email.
You can also register a new domain name from within your billing account.

Q: How do I get support

Just click on “submit support ticket” in the help menu.