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ABOUT provides an easy entry into the world of CFML by providing (ALMOST) free ColdFusion hosting (aka free Lucee hosting) for developers. This ColdFusion developer hosting service was setup back in 1999 by Russ Michaels as a resource for developers to learn and use CFML (aka ColdFusion)  without the hassle of having to setup a local development environment and with a live dev/staging URL that can be shared with peers and clients.

For those starting from scratch in the world of web development, getting a CFML development environment setup can be daunting and off-putting process if you do not have any prior technical skills, especially when things go wrong or if you do not have a suitably powerful PC to run a web server, database server, and the CFML engine.


Register on the website to join the community, collaborate and chat with other members and subscribe to news and blog posts. This is a separate process from the hosting, which you can signup for below.



The £1 fee is for admin and security purposes to authenticate users and protect the service against abuse. There is no charge for the actual hosting.

Please note that this service runs on the Lucee CFML engine as opposed to Adobe ColdFusion, which aside from being FREE and open source, has numerous other advantages such as improved speed and performance, a web admin allowing you to manage your own per-site settings, and plugin extensions.

CFML Developer is a non-profit service maintained and supported by Russ Michaels. The hosting is provided through ZenMSP and the server is sponsored by



This service is for development only, so debugging and other development features are enabled by default. it is not suitable for production sites. 

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