Supporting the cfml community since 1999 is a resource for the CFML (aka ColdFusion) community to help any developer using or wanting to learn the CFML language.   I have been providing free ColdFusion hosting since 1999.

This service now runs on Lucee, the open source CFML engine.

CFML Developer is maintained and supported by Russ Michaels. The hosting is provided by ZenMSP and the server is sponsored by



This service is for development only, so debugging and other development features are enabled by default.

it is not suitable for production sites.


  • choose your plan

  • Amount of spaceAmount of space
  • Bandwidth per monthBandwidth per month
  • MySql databasesMySql databases
  • MSSQL DatabasesMSSQL Databases
  • WebsitesWebsites
  • Domains/Sub-domainsDomains/Sub-domains
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • Daily BackupsDaily Backups
  • Developer Basic

  • £1

    per year

  • Amount of space200MB
  • Bandwidth per month1000MB
  • MySql databases1
  • MSSQL Databases1
  • Websites1
  • Domains/Sub-domains1
  • MongoDBno
  • Daily Backupsno
  • Developer Plus

  • £19.99

    per year

  • Amount of space1000MB
  • Bandwidth per month10,000MB
  • MySql databases20
  • MSSQL Databases20
  • Websites20
  • Domains/Sub-domains20
  • MongoDBno
  • Daily Backupsno

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